INDABA 2013  
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Take a trip to South Africa, from the comfort of your own chair. This 'Five-minute holiday' transports you to the beautiful Table Mountain, giving you an opportunity to abseil down and take in the mesmerising views. If that's not enough adventure for you, why not get up close and personal with an elephant.. or even a shark, if that's what you're in to.

If animals aren't your thing, kite-surf along the South African coast line or fly through the sky with a bit of hang gliding. This experience gives you a proper taste of a beautiful country, with something for everyone. A perfect holiday. Produced by Visualise and UM, integrated with Somethin Else's 360 audio Papa Engine and commissioned by Juan Herrada for South African Tourism.

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1 spacer Download the klite codec pack
(NOTE: During installation this will install malware, be aware of the installation options and you can disable it!)
2 spacer Install the Directx Installer Here.
3 spacer Install these packages
4 spacer Set DK2 to direct to rift mode, then run Runme.bat
5 spacer The application will ask for access through your firewall, MAKE SURE to give it access to everything before clicking ok.
6 spacer Hit spacebar to start the experience.
    South African Tourism